My Passion for Photography

Using an old Agfa medium format fold out camera when I was 14, I found photography to be a great tool for creative expression. My passion even going back to my youth  has always been landscape, architectural and common everyday things turned into art… Strong composition  and interesting/different subject matter is the foundation of most good photography. Black and White photography has always been a personal favorite since it must stand on it’s strong composition and dynamic subject matter to make a good photograph.


Within the website you will find only a few galleries: Far Away places; which includes photos of my travels to France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, U.K. and even a little China. Landscapes; Primarily of the Southwest US and other scenic spots in the US.  Passageways; Focuses on my interest in eclectic doors and windows. Americana:  To a great extent triggered by my RT66 drive from LA to Kansas . Everyday Art: Photo art from our everyday lives…  In all of the galleries you will find some of my infrared B/W work.

I keep expanding all of the galleries so visit often.


I participate in a select few art shows in Kansas and surrounding states.  Most notable is the Mulvane Mountain/Plains Art Fair (Topeka), Autumn and Art (Wichita) and Arts Festival Oklahoma.  I don’t generally have time to enter contests but I have picked up a few awards or publications along the journey:  The Purdue University Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner.  Published in Shutterbug Magazine (Antelope Canyon, Oct 06 and a night scene in China from April 2008), Trail Runner magazine, Ambient Light” (Lafayette, IN). Majesty of the Flint hills at Buttonwood Gallery in Kansas City.


The Technical Side

Frankly most photographers enjoy the art since it is a combination of technical ability combined with art to make it all come together. Most of my photos these days are taken with my Canon 5D MKII or several Olympus or Fujifilm X series digital cameras.  Some of my older work and large scale landscape work is done on Film with 4×5 or medium format Rollei cameras or a Mamiya 6 medium format. Shot on Fuji or Ilford film and scanned in a High Resolution Film scanner.

All photos are printed in-house on my Epson 4800 or 7890 wide format archival printers. Outside testing has verified longevity of prints to be over 100 years with the new Ultrachrome Ink technology. The color and acutance of the prints is quite stunning.


I will begin to use my blog at some point to update the site with related photo information and links that I find of interest.


If you wish to contact me or make a comment or suggestion, email to tom.stubbs.photography@gmail.com.